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Our Products

Small Secrets


Frumenty and noodles must be stored in cold cool place, free of moisture and insects, preferably in glass vessels.


During boiling, frumenty and noodles, must be frequently shuffled. Shortly before the end, we can add some milk and white cheese for perfect taste.

Traditional Sweets

Spoon sweets contain no fat and retain some of the fruit's beneficial properties.


Herbs are known since ancient times for their beneficial properties in treating various diseases.

Value Of Frymenty & Noodles

Healty Food 

Healthy Diet 

Healthy Cooking 

Healthy Recepies 

Energy Source 

Ideal For All 


Νικολάου Μαρία

Οι χυλοπίτες είναι καταπληκτικές, ιδιαίτερα των λαχανικών.

Στεργίου Ελένη

Οι χυλοπίτες με σπανάκι στο φούρνο είναι τέλειες!!!

John Walker

Best products ever! Great taste and quality.

Our Village

Our industry is located in picturesque mountain village Metsovo, in Ioannina. It is a traditional town built on the slopes of Pindos, in a spectacular landscape rich with flora and fauna.


   +30 26560 42302, 6975 609695
   Metsovo, 44200

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